CRG Technologies is a team of experts creating success for enterprise customers in API Management.


We get it—when it comes to API management, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.”

Our team has consulted with some of the world's biggest companies to help them take control of their data. And if you need a bespoke solution? Our in-house engineering staff can help you build the custom integrations and CI/CD processes you need to be successful.



Container Orchestration

Whether you’re transitioning from a virtual appliance or setting up a new container platform to run alongside your current infrastructure, our team can help your organization make the move to using Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.



Our team at CRG is expertly equipped to help your company with GraphQL Implementation and Security—and more notably, we’re very uniquely positioned to help you protect your GraphQL APIs on a Layer7 API Gateway.

API Management Consultation

We can help tackle big-picture needs for your organization by leveraging years of combined API management expertise.

Layer7 API Gateway Installation and Configuration

If you need to install, upgrade, migrate, or configure, we’ll help at every step along the way—from architecture to implementation.

Layer7 API Gateway Custom Policy and Assertions

We’re experienced in producing advanced policy following best practices. If the need arises for something capabilities of Policy, our engineers can work with you to create Custom/Modular assertions to fit your exact needs.

Analytics and SIEM

Our team of experts has years of experience working with solutions such as Splunk and ELK (Elastic Stack) providing quick insights into the health and performance of your APIs.

Team Enablement and Training

We can deliver custom training courses designed to fit the needs of your organization.

Optimizations and Health Checks

Let us evaluate your current environment and help illuminate how it could improve.

Identity Access Management

OAuth, OpenID, SAML, you name it—we can help solve your most complex IAM problems.


Our Team

We’re a growing company led by a team of API Management experts.



API Management success starts with a conversation.

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